Anyone had PT that may have started GPN

I have no idea if this is related or not. However, my symptoms started mild with just slight burning tongue all over and at the base right when I was doing Physical Therapy for my neck. Bulging disc. I'm just curious, because it did start while the PT had me doing neck exercises, traction, and they were also working on me as well.

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I sometimes wonder if a Chiro neck crack started it??

I guess anything is possible. GPN is so rare that I think the medical community cannot rule anything out.

Mine started while doing PT following a cervical neck surgery. I don't know if caused it, just lifting triggered it.

hello. funny to hear this now. I am having pt for tendonitis in my shoulder and was thinking of asking the thearpist if he thought he could help with my gpn. I am wondering if mine might have been brought on following a gentle fall backwards while wearing a cycle helmet. for a few days afterwards my left jaw ached as if it had been pushed forward. i cant recall how long after my attacks started, but they were gradual at first.

For me, GPN started 7 years ago. I remember the exact moment that I believe started GPN. I tweaked my neck while sitting up. I also have two pinched nerves in my neck as well as other issues and when I strain my neck it will bring on the GPN symtoms. I believe they are related. The doctors, however, believe they are separate issues and are NOT affecting each other. I haven't had my neck adjusted in years as it made everything worse, Also, no PT anymore. I do find that acupuncture helps a lot.