I have been dealing with throat/ear pain/ vertigo for about a month. Have an appointment on Tuesday with a neurologist. My GP started me on Neurontin 200 3x’s a day. It dulls the pain. I have no zaps just ups and downs in my pain level through the day. Also my pain seems more central rather than one side. I have no idea if this is GN.

HI JenMac, Getting a name on the condition is always a challenge, it can take quite a while sometimes and be very frustrating. Even when they put a label on it, it can still be scary. Hang in there and keep posting any questions you have. Lots of folk have been where you are now. Its good the zaps are subsiding :)

I get shots/blocks straight into my Gloss nerve (back of throat) by a Maxillofacial Doctor and it helps a lot...I will finally be having MD surgery in February. I have 4 cranial nerve neuralgia's. I have Gloss, Vagus, Tri-Gem (one branch only), and occipital neuralgia. My road has been very difficult as you might understand. Everyday is a fight to stay on the planet for me. The hardest part of this is the "your crazy" or "you want attention" from the doctors that really protect their lack of knowledge by pawning you off to being "crazy" I fought that for 7 years. You feel like you are in a Lifetime movie and the audience watching this play out, knows you are sick, but all the players in your life don't have a clue!

One thing that I have learned over these past 9 years of hell is that ALL perfumes, soaps, shampoos, cleaning chemicals, and laundry detergents, laundry softeners etc. all make these Neuralgias far worse, or in fact caused them. I live very green now with non/unscented everything and clean with all basic green products as well as Baby shampoos and Dove unscented soaps etc. etc. Planet and Seventh Generation etc are my best friends. If you take all of these (Society excepted) products out of your life your symptoms will be greatly tamped down and gotten rid of over a period of time. I believe that all of the Chemicals (which are ALL neuro toxins) are the reason that I have neurological Problems...If you read up on the chemicals you use daily you will have answered your own question as to why we are all so sick!