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Hi Everyone, I am writing in general discussion with hopes that many visit and read what has happened to me. After two years of suffering with facial pain, last May of 2016 it was so bad that I had to go to emergency rooms 4 times in a month. I could not hold down any food to take pain meds and or anti seizure meds. I was vomiting and had to take off of work. I had visited a Cyber Knife in Tulsa, and decided to see a neurosurgeon. I went to see Dr. John Main located in Tulsa 918 764 9999. He interned in the UK. I finally got a date set for July 12th, had to fight and plead with my insurance company because the hospital did not except my HMO plan. It was a pleasant experience at the HiIlcrest Hospital. The main plan was to have Micro Vascular Decompression (MVD). But when I came too I was told by the doctor that I had a tumor on the 5th cranial nerve about a centimeter and the doc took it off and reattached everything the way it should be. Dr Main said “I can not believe that with the MRIs that were taken prior to seeing him the doctors did not catch that.”. So now I am on the mend. It will be about 12 to 18 months. The tumor was a schwannoma which some people tend to get them. My Trigeminal nerve has been damaged from a 2009 cyber knife treatment of the same kind of tumor resting on my acoustic and facial nerve. So my TN is trying to mend itself. However, I still have to keep taking my meds because I still have been having 1 or 2 little strikes in my eye now and then and have a headache that Tylenol helps. So the only advise I can give is do not waste your time being told you have TN and go see a neurosurgeon, one that is experienced with this disease and wants to help you…Best to all!!

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