2nd Microvascular decompression

Hello All-

I had my first mvd 4 years ago and have been for the most part pain free. I had minor pain here and there until 3 months when it started back at full force. Most recently I was in the er this week and they secured me a surgeon appointment on Monday. They said they will be able to get me in as early as next week for surgery if that’s the direction they decide to take. First I have a 3 part MRI tomorrow. They say this new mri can tell them if something is being compressed. Has anyone had success in seeing this with this MRI? Has anyone had a second MVD? What were the results? Any and all advice and stories are more than welcome! I am desperate for pain relief and cannot wait to get to Monday.


MVD did not work for me. Gamma Knife surgery is better in my opinion because they seem to be able to target specific ‘trigger spots’ but I don’t your specific condition so maybe MVD is better in your case! Either way I wish you luck and a pain free future!

I've had TN for many years. Have tried numerous meds but I need to get off them. They really mess with my vision. Has this happened to anyone else? Am trying to decide whether to do Gamma Knife or MVD ( that one sounds very scary). I thought MVD brought permanent relief but I guess not. Any comments?