You will be free of TN2 pain. Dont get scared

I am very suprised that i have not. Come to this site more than a year. I suffered from terrible
Pain on both side lof my face from a dental mishappening and my life flipped suddenly. The intense pain for two yrs made me crazy. I didnt know what to do. 24/7 . The pain leaves you unfocussed and i was only thinkjng abt pain. Any medicine you name , i had tried. Nothing helped or helped a little. I was hopeless crying etc. today i am here to tell all of you, those who have pain following a dental work. Dont lose hope. You will be alright. The nerve takes aome times to settle down from flair. Mine took 2 yrs. pain is not totally gone but it is very little and often unnoticeable. Dont do life changing expensive procedures. You dont know the side effects. Give your body some time. Dont think abt it too much as it would only increase pain and qnxiety. Please do yoga and meditation. Meditation is the mantra and guru of all TN. Please cqlm your brain and you will be fine. Trust me. You will get back your life . Just ignore this pain and move on. Prayjng for all of you.

It seems that some are more successful at yoga and meditation than others. What works well for some, may not work at all for another.

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Agreed. I also did mediation and it did nothing. In fact it added to stress, as then I had to do one more thing. people are different and I fear it is not helpful to tell people “X will definetely work”. I also dont think it is good general advice to tell people to shy away from certain procedures. I havent had a procedure, I have type 2 pain, too, and for many many years. Nothing of it changed for the better. So, I am very very happy for you to have gotten better, but your case does not generalize to the whole lot of us, I am sorry.

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I have had TN for 22 years do obviously it is not going away. I have never heard of it just going away. You might be in remission now and could come back.


I was sure that root canal started my pain, although both my dentist and periodontist don’t think so. As the years have passed, pain has lessened but it hasn’t gone away. I’m still taking tegretol, which I really need when it is cold and/or windy, both of which exacerbate my TN.

I have Type 2 and went through a remission period of around 2 years and then Bam… back it came with a vengeance. I hope you are free of pain forever, but it is also possible that you are in remission too. I am a very relaxed person and have tried almost everything to help with this constant pain. So, it seems some people may benefit from meditation etc but it’s not a cure.

I am sorry, but I have to severely disagree with this statement. TN/ATN are lifelong conditions. TN1 can go into remission from a short to a fairly long time. ATN or TN2 usually don’t go into remission. They can, but it is extremely rare. If your pain is gone for good, then you did not have ATN/TN2, but don’t be surprised when it returns.

I think it depends. After 2 years being in pain, I discovered that injecting myself with B6 and B 12 vitamins helped me. I used to buy them in Russian pharmacy. I been pain free since 2012.

That is what I thought the first time it started, it only lasted about three months and about a year and a half later it came back, no type of medication worked for me. Six months later I decided to get MVD and it worked for 6 years. Now is back again, but I do not have health insurance, so I don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to do any of the other pain managements where they stick a needle through your cheek and I definitely do not want to do GAMA radiation after reading all the bad side effects it caused many of the people who had it.

Hope is part of what makes us tic. None of us know how this dam ailment came about, and it sure can go back to where ever the heck it came from.

But lets stick to the facts,

  • We know certain foods exasperate the condition, lets avoid those.
  • Thank God for some of these meds Carbamazopene, Gaba, OxCabazepene etc. and we know there could be a new one out tomorrow that does not exist today.
  • Variety of Technics that we learn from each other that are helpful in reducing and living with pain. You call this a collective research. ( Sitting in my Hot tub works like a charm for me)
  • Science is on our side, therefor the time is on our side. Let’s get the awareness game going, therefor more research funding.
    So let’s role up our sleeves and fight this demon.