What Happened to me

Hey Everyone,
As you know I thought my lip and chin aka mental nerve was damaged. It is not it all came back normal. After my jaw surgery on both sides my interior alevelor nerve was damage. It’s close to your ear and it travels down to the mental nerve. Kind of like when you have a pinched nerve in your neck and your arm hurts it’s the same way. When I go to the dentist and they gave me shots of novoacaine the pain will be almost gone for five hours.

I have a quick question about Triliptal. I take half a pill. It’s 75 mg and it’s very strong with my condition. I have noticed when I take half of that 37 mg my pamelor kicks in and it numbs my lip! Finally a med that touches my lip. I want to cut down on the pill but it’s so hard to cut in small pieces. I often wonder if the pamelor with the gabapentin would work on their own. These old fashioned anticonvulsants are very strong to my pain. Gabapetin works soo small. what do you think is in between those meds?

The doctors will not give opiods. I’ve never asked but they always ask me if I was prescribed one and I say no and they say good. If I have a bad day I’m willing to take an anti-nausea pill and take one.

Don’t have an answer to your question but I do have a question.How do you know what nerve was damaged?
Glad you have found something that works

Gabapentin is a “booster” med. It doesn’t usually work well on its own but works great in combinations. They don’t really know why.

Triliptal comes in a liquid, you may want to see if your insurance covers it for adults then you could lower the dose with less difficulty.