Wedding Day Overdone

What a day. Slept on the couch again and napped most of the day which is the wrong thing to do... yet I do it anyway. I over did it last night at the family gathering but it's the first time I have been social in ages, so I have no way of gauging what my levels are. Seems 2-3 hours is a timeframe that works.

Slept until 3, and got ready for the wedding. I was surprised at how fast I got ready and that I looked so good... lol. My neighbor said I looked like a movie star, lol!!! I felt pretty, and felt awake and present, which was wonderful.

I had no idea there would be so many people there, but got to sit with Jeff most of the time and had a great time with him and Jennifer... So hard when they only get here once every 2 years. Lots of fun though, and the wedding was very nice in the back around a grass circle. Todd's aunt did the ceremony that was nice.

Very laid back and non traditional in so many ways, but fun to see so many people there.

As far as my TN problems, it seems that lots of noise makes things act up. I wonder what that means. I was able to make it from 4 to 7:30, and that is about the same timeframe as lastnight before I started getting twinges and a headache settle in. Took a maxalt tonight for the headache, it's the first one I've had in 7 days. I'm pretty sure the noise level and constant noise had something to do with it along with standing so long in the heat for the wedding. The back pain was worse than normal for a bit. Left around 7:30 after it started acting up and got home to take methocarbamol, other half of the maxalt and some excedrin. laying down things are finally starting to let up, but the air conditioner is really bothering me more than usual. Seems sometimes the air sets it off for some reason.