Vit B12 deficiency and stomach acid inhibitors

Good morning - well it is here in France anyway, Well here I am back out of pain for a while but scared to reduce my meds just yet and would like to share some thoughts on bits I have recently heard and read.

Firsly listening to a BBC broadcast recently I heard a Dr. whose name escaped me, who was seemly quite knowledgeable about GPN, talking briefly about the subject. She mentioned that the myelin sheath of the GP would be damaged by the constriction of the nerve. I then googled myelin and found that it needed B12 to keep it healthy, so I started taking brewers yeast pills. Can't say it has helped so far but that is a short period. Today I have found an article finding that the long term taking of drugs to prevent ulcers, indigestion etc., can deplete B12 being absorbed and perhaps lead to neurological orders.

I have been taking one of these meds , Omeprazole, since April 2008 following a heart attack, to counteract the many other drugs I was then prescribed. I developed GPN just over 3 years ago, with the initial attacks being rather like a blockage in a salivary duct might feel, which is what it was thought to be initially. Needless to say, I will be trying to get French translations of this for both my cardiologist, who I am seeing on Friday, and my gp.Acid%20reflux%20drugs%20may%20lead%20to%20vitamin%20B12%20deficiency%20-%20CBS%20News.htm

Hope this may help some of us in the near future. I realise that huge numbers of you suffer a great deal more pain than I do and wish for better times for you all

nice post!

You might try sublingual B12 as it absorbs straight into the vascular system through vessels under your tongue–bypassing the stomach. Or there are shots.

Is you MCV elevated on a Complete Blood Count ? That can be an indicator of B 12 deficiency …it should not hurt to take it anyway . Even with just aging people tend to absorb less and less B12 from their diet

Burning,burning,burning pain. Every day, all day and progresses as the day goes on. Year after year. B12 ,colloidal silver, hundreds of dollars on splints for my jaw, top neuro"s, surgery 17 years ago. Cortisone injections in lesser ocipital nerve to stop skull pain. All good I am sure, if they work for you. Me,no nothing has worked for me so far. My beautiful partner died in October of Limbic Encephalitis. I was not able to be there for Mike in the last 9 weeks of his life because I could not go on with the pain I am in. Very sorry not to have anything positive to add but I am over it and going to bed with the comfort of my dog. How this pain has impacted on my life disgusts me.I just looked at the photo of me going to a wedding with Mike 2 years ago and don't even recognize myself. But I do remember the effort I put in to try to look my best for that wedding. Good night all. Please don't reply with any antidotes for self pity. I still allow myself the occasional wallow and to be human.

Warrior woman. you wallow any time you want. you are suffering and have endured so much more than me. keep your strength up.