Update on GKRS results -- 3-1/2 months later

First off, so sorry I have been a bad blogger. Am working on SSD and insurance appeal. Will be doing that more, and then I’ll be back blogging again. I miss you all!

Wanted to post an update on the GKRS results… am getting intermittenet numbness on my (all right side only) nostril, where it all started about a month ago, up the outside of my nose, my upper lip, about 1" to 1-1/2" radiating out from my nose, and tonight, almost all the way over to my ear. for the last 2 weeks, I have had 3 nights of BAD atypical pain PLUS lightning strikes at the same time, all during the times when my numbness has really been strong. Which is WEIRD! you’d think that if I were numb, that I wouldn’t have pain. but that’s not haw it’s working. Must I be SO atypical?!

Doc said that with the ganglion site GKRS, that anything could happen with the numbness.

So we are definitely moving forward with the nerve stimulator.

Dear Stephanie,

I wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you as you go through this at the moment, none of what you’ve got happening now is much fun, and I know it can be stressful. Take care to take time out for yourself, a hobby or something you like. Like me today, a walk and sit out in my garden was lovely in itself, spring is here in Australia and it’s a gorgeous time - I had to wait 8 hours till the gale force wind stopped, but it’s all good :slight_smile:

The nerve stimulation - is that like what Sarah Hobbs’s upcoming procedure is like - the DBS? Deep brain stimulation, or is it something else entirely. Wishing you well in your current endeavours and I’m happy to see you back again! We miss you also ~ thanks for giving us your update!

Best wishes to you for a pain free day!

Cheers ~ Kerry.