Unexplained pain in back of scalp

I have bilateral tn, originally it started on my left side but has now progressed over to the right side as well. I have had the MVD surgery which was unsucessful and also tried the Gamma Knife with no help. My TN started about 5 years ago. I have a pain pump that I have had a couple years and I on fentanyl which has been a great help with lessoning the pain.

Within the last year or so I am having horrible stabbing pain in the back of my scalp. My neurologists only explanation is it is referred pain. It does not travel down my neck like one i have researched. The pain is in the top of my crown towards the back. It is just as excruciating as the rest if not worse. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have had ct scans which looked ok. It showed a small abnormality but the dr said that it is not uncommon to have small air pockets around nerves which is what he feels it is. I pray no one else has had it but if so would love to know I am not alone with this