Today's meeting with Surgeon / Surgery on Wed

Hi Friends,

Surgeon confirmed and emphasised that I have a large blood vessel laying on the nerves (something cerebral artery - Superior or Primary - can't remember). He said he'd have to put a lot of padding in there to keep it away from the nerves and is concerned that he won't have much space to do it - would have to manipulate a lot, etc. He said that in some of these cases, if he feels the brain can't take the full operation he'll close it up and go back in 5 days later.

Surgery is set for Wednesday at 7:30 am.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers - they mean a lot.


Will be thinking and praying for you on Wednesday!

Thank you Peaceful !

Peacefulbuttons said:

Will be thinking and praying for you on Wednesday!

You will definitely be getting good vibes your way tomorrow morning!!! Wishing you a restful and speedy recovery followed by a pain free future.

All the best!

Thank you Flying !


I hope your surgery went very well and you are resting comfortably.

best wishes for a quick recovery.