To Bite or Not to Bite

The hard-crusted sourdough roll sat inches in front of me separated only by a thin plexiglass display case and a wish to say "no".Sourdough bread comes in many forms: rolls,baguettes,loaves,sliced and unsliced. Sourdough comes second only to The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco iconography.

Now, I've developed a method for eating sandwiches. I slowly bite into it and then calmly pull the sandwich away from my mouth. It usually works well, especially when the pain meds are effective and the bread is soft.. So, after several seconds of debate, I decided I was ready for a treat that I hadn't had in awhile. "Avocado Sandwich on a hard-crusted roll. Load it up with everything but cheese.( I like cheese but not on an Avocado sandwich). Mustard,no mayonnaise and toasted, please.",I sang cheerfully.

Only a slight "Hello" from my face on the first bite. Second bite, "Hello Hello." Several bites later, "Are you crazy.?" But it was tasting so good.But,it wasn't long before I was paying more attention to my facial response than to the indescribable joy of tasting my hard-crusted sourdough sandwich.

While licking the oozing avocado from the edge of the sandwich,I thought of the old adage."biting off more than one can chew."but I finished it, knowing I would hardly be able to speak for the rest of the day. Yes, it was worth it but I think I'll wait awhile before I bite into San Francisco iconography again. I'll walk across the Bridge instead..

What a well written piece Bill!
Had to read it twice ( heavily medicated! Lol )

I can relate…last week my indulgence was a toasted bagel…same outcome, but oh was sooooo good…

Mimi xx

I think all of us can relate to this story, with many different types of food!! Now that I'm recovering from my recent MVD, I'm starting to "test" myself with different foods that I've missed for so long, due to the little reminders I used to get whilst eating!! A hard crusty roll with lots of filling used to be absolutely unthinkable!!!

It's amazing the fight between our logic and our cravings... sometimes worth it - sometimes not : (

Could you do me a BIG favor? I do not know how to post video of Carly Simon under the video tab??

Oh my, this is the story if my last few years…should I or shouldn’t I…give in to the pleasure or the pain! All I can say is I would eat that sandwich and worry about the effects afterwards. When I reach the stage that I start refusing all nice things i’ll question the meaning of life! (Or more so than I do now :P)…do they post those sandwiches? Sounds a bit fancy for us English folks :slight_smile: