Thoughts go out to Nichole

Just a wee post to ask everyone to send their thoughts and prayers to Nichole who’s due to have her MVD tomorrow.

All my very best wishes and prayers are with her for the procedure.

Gracie x x x

I’m hoping that surgery went according to plan and that Nichole is recovering well, with a bit of luck we’ll find out how she is soon.

Gracie x x x

I’ve just heard that Nichole is out of ICU and has been walking around, she is also able to speak but they;re just trying to keep the pain under control, please all keep her in your thoughts and prayers for her recovery.

Gracie x x x

Latest on Nichole is that after getting home she was rushed to hospital last night with chest pains.

Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers, I’ve not heard anything since, but will keep you posted as and when I hear anything.

Gracie x x x

Okay guys,

I’ve been chatting to a friend of Nichole’s who’s advised me that she’s in much more pain than she was before the surgery.
Apparently her surgeon wants to go back in and cut the nerve further in a 2nd procedure, and if that doesn’t work go back and cut it further still in a 3rd op.
These are obviously very difficult times for Nichole and her family, and all I can do is keep updating, and asking you all for your continued thoughts and prayers to be with them at this very difficult time.

Gracie x

i wasn’t under the impression that there was any cuting of the nerve…am i wrong?

I don’t believe there is usually, but apparently they had to cut a large portion of muscle as well, and things were fairly inter tangled and all joined together. She told me earlier today that the surgeon had not checked compressions against the Vagus or Trigeminal when he was in there, and he’s going to check it all again in the next surgery.

She is in a lot more pain than before, and hopefully they will soon be able to get things under control a bit better for her, whether it be at this hospital or Mayo, where she is due to go later in the month.

Much love

Gracie x x x

kathleencord said:
i wasn't under the impression that there was any cuting of the i wrong?

Okay folks, I’m resurrecting this thread again, cause Nichole’s due to be going back in for MVD round 2,I just ask you keep her in your thoughts and prayers today. xxxx

just heard that she's out of surgery , and had 2 nerves have been cut , don 't k now if that's a full severe nce or not yet , I will l et you k now more when I find out .

PS sorry about the typi ng havi ng space bar issues! xxxx