This pain changes ones life

So, I had my hardware removed on October 31st- yep Halloween. Somehow or another, the surgeon managed to get me out of pain and damn near back to normal for about a week and a half. Did I mention the pain came back? I have NO pain meds in my system (id really like to find my opana script, at this point Id eat it Im so desperate for relief). Not only did the pain come back, it seems to have moved or spread. Hell, Im so numb I dont know anymore. All I know is that stopping all my pain medication was the dumbest idea ever; yet I didn't want to keep taking them since they don't know what is wrong with me. I have an appointment with an oral maxofacial surgeon on the 26th of December. The neurosurgeon, we will call him Dr. Horrible, said that the anesthesiologist HAD to have severed and damaged nerves when intubating me. THEN WHY DID THE PAIN START THREE MONTHS AFTER MY MVD? Anyway, here I go back to the same place I started. I told him I SEEN an oral maxofacial surgeon and that surgeon told me it was the neurosurgeons fault and problem- LAST YEAR. How, in a year have I NOT gotten answers?

September of 2011, I had the MVD

December of 2011, the pain started. I was already numb, the pain just started. Heck, I woke up from surgery numb IN MY MOUTH and all over my face and head right side.

I had pain in my CHIN immediately following surgery but that stopped. Just constant 24/7 never ending pain. Last night it was so bad I wanted to cry, so I did just that. the mouth movements it takes to cry hurt me more so I had to stop.

Im angry. Im mad. This is MY life and there is ONE moron doctor who if honest could at least stop me from searching for an answer, at LEAST stop my emotional hell. He just tells me you are going to have to live with THAT PAIN for the rest of your life. WHAT IS THAT PAIN? Do the words deafferentation or AD scare him THAT bad? And if he was thinking all along it was the anesthesiologists fault, he had more than a year to tell me that. He is trying to waste time; period.

I need a new neurosurgeon and I need one now. Has anyone been messed up by ONE mvd only to be "fixed" by the second? Im sick of this doctor, really, I am. Honestly, Im just sick of living life.