Thin slice MRI clear :-(... higher dose meds to induce remission?

A thin slice MRI was finally done last week. It took a bit to convince the insurance company we really needed a second MRI in 6 weeks. But,the LEFT, where her pain is, is completely clear, we found out today. I'm struggling with being depressed today with the news. I was soooo hoping for "there's the compression! Let's do surgery and fix this once for all!"

Although her pain is being managed with the meds, she is 11! It's tough enough to learn Algebra normally. Learning it while on Trileptal has not been encouraging. We have too many days where she just gets down and sits on my lap and has a good cry. One day she was so upset I told her to just go lie down for a while. She went to her room and shredded a roll of toilet paper. When I went to check on her she looked like she was laying in the middle of the aftermath of a TP snowstorm.

She said "Have you every just been so frustrated and angry, you want to rip something up? I figured the TP didn't matter." I told her it was a good call. Ripping up the TP was just fine. And we laid on the bed together for a while.

Today our Neurologist recommended we up her meds because although her pain is managed she is still feeling that the attacks are happening. It's not painful, she just feels it. I pushed back saying I'd rather not up the meds unless it is needed for the pain. He claimed that upping the meds to the point she feels none of the pain for 3-6 months is to 'force' her into a remission. At the end of the 3-6 months we would wean her off and see if the remission has taken. Anyone verify this?? I hadn't heard or read anything to this effect before.

thanks all! Glad you are here.

Never heard of that before. Bless her heart and yours! Positive energy and prayer coming your way!

I wouldn't hold with the MRI results. There are countless times when a MRI came back clean and when they went in for surgery they found a vein wrapped around the nerve. So think of it as just a diagnostic tool that when they see something it's a positive but when the don't it probably didn't pick it up.

A snowstorm of tp! What a great way to express your emotions. She is a very special girl, you must be so proud of how she is coping. My prayers are also being sent for her. xxxx

I know what she means when she says she can feel it though no pain. It feels like there is a pressure there and it wants to trigger but can't. Haven't heard of the 6 month thing before.