The Iceman cometh (apologies to Eugene O'Neill)

He's waiting in the wings. Always. Like a bird of prey. But no talons for him. Not no he. His instrument of torture is silver, shiny, sharp. Pick, pick, pick. He waits. The signs are there, but he is patient.

Then, slowly, like the thief in the night, he shimmies in, gleaming instrument in hand and slowly he begins. Ear, ah ear. He loves the ear. So tender and delicate. A direct link to that place he loves best. But, his juicy morsel he leaves for last.

The grimace, twisting face, grinding teeth is enough for now. He watches with glee, ups the amps - a harder blow, she gasps, stifles a scream.

He leans forward, ice pick slightly aloft, buries it in the cheek, the nose, the eye, then waits. She can stay silent no more. It is music to his ears.

He goes in for the hammer blow. The nerve, pounding, sends more pain signals to the brain and her head begins to explode. She screams, and screams, and screams.

Women in white rush to her aid. One plunges sweet relief into her arm. She becomes silent, eyes closed, face serene. She sleeps.

The iceman slinks away, for now. His work is done this day. But another day will dawn and he will return. For that is certain. He knows there is no end for her. There will always be work, here, in this neat hospital room where she has come to spend her days.

Pity. For a moment there is something, no not compassion. Not pity. But why, he wonders, was no-one able to lock the door against him? He shrugs. It is not for him to question why or how. He is simply the iceman.

Hey dsm,

That's beautifully written....and I'm a fan of Eugene O'Neill; life didn't treat him well but, but he had the ability to put his experience down to words for others to read or enjoy on stage... just like you do:)

Are you familiar with the song "The Electrician" by the Walker Brothers? That's one song I so often think of when reading the posts on here.

Thank you, Oldriska. I love the Walker Brothers. Thank you.

Very to the point of how it feels! I have not read/seen this so I am not familiar with the rhythm of the literature, but I think that this is amazing!

Wow.............this is amazing. This is exactly what it does to me........except it's my left lower jaw.

Thanks all, for your comments.

This is awesome. If you're not a professional writer, you should consider it. This is a perfect description of the pain but so far above my capabilities. Thank you.dsm for sharing.

Thank you, cesarsjewels. I was a professional writer - until TN struck. Ceased to write 6 years ago. But am still hoping, and praying, I will be able to pick up where I left off. I miss it awfully. I am quite rusty though.