Thanks to Filmmaker John Douglas Sinclair for his Work on Ben's Friends eBook

I wanted to recognize Filmmaker John Douglas Sinclair for his copy editing work on the Ben's Friends ebook. John edits in his spare time and made our book so much better. He was also incredibly generous and donated his normal editing fee because he believes in the Ben's Friends cause and knows we don't have a lot of resources.
John is a filmmaker and has just released a feature film that he wrote and co-directed called "Heathens & Thieves" ( You can support John by seeing his movie and spreading the word about it. The movie is a Western-noir and was just released this year on Netflix streaming, Amazon, Walmart, and a lot of other places including streaming on cable. Netflix is probably cheapest and easiest for those who have it and here is the link:
You can find out more about Heavens and Thieves at this website ( and do things like watch the trailer and see where it's available.
Thank you John for your generous support of Ben's Friends!