Surgery update


I am Patty’s daughter. Just want to give an update on her surgery. The doctor just came out to update us.

Surgery is finished and the procedure went well. The doctor didn’t see any obvious indication that the big vessel they thought it was was indeed being compressed. But they did put a cushion between the TN nerve and the blood vessels anyways. So it is a bit disappointing that it was not more obvious. However, they will start decreasing her medication to see if it has made a difference. So far that is all we know.

She was in surgery about 3 hours. She had been very nervous about getting the IV because she is notorious for it taking several attempts, but the nurse got it in on the first try so that is great.

I will update when we get more information.

thanks so much for the update!
have been thinking of her all morning!
please pass on my good wishes!
hopefully just by protecting the nerve she will see positive results!
huge (((( hugs )))), Mimi

Just got in from visiting her. She is dizzy but not nauseous. I don’t think she has vomited at all. She has 7 or 8 staples in her head. She has a bit of pain by her ear/cheek but she feels like it migh be more from the surgery pressure.

Thanks for the update! So happy the surgery went well!! Hopefully, the newly padded nerve will calm down. I’m a month post MVD and still have someTN pain, but it seems to be calming down. We are all pulling for her and you, I know it was hard on my kids to see my after surgery, but she is lucky to have you at her side!

So glad when each comes out okay.

Each Person getting out of this MVD

takes me back 2 years

keeping her in my thoughts and prayers

It’s Jess updating again. She had a rough night because her IV kept blowing and needing to be restarted. Her blood pressure was either too high or too low. She is feeling a bit better this morning.

Her specific prayer requests are:

  • that the weakness on the right side of her face will resolve itself
  • that the dizziness and headache will start to let up

Thanks Jess, really appreciate your updates.
Will continue to keep her in my prayers…
If the dizziness and headache are too much, be sure to ask the nurse for something else medication wise to help ease it.
Hugs for you and your Mom, please give her my best!
Mimi xx

Jess, I was getting Fentanyl through my IV every hour, it really helped but would drop my normal blood pressure of 90/60 to 55/45. The meds and pain level really affect blood pressure. I agree with Mimi if the pain meds aren’t helping might benefit from a different kind, don’t be afraid to ask. Any try ice packs. With the dizziness I had to keep my eyes closed a lot at first or when they were open try to focus on one object and really limit trying to turn my head. Tell her to hang in there!!

Jess, I just logged on this morning so glad to see that your mother got through the surgery okay. Sending my prayers for her specific requests. And also that the days ahead each bring further recovery. Hugs to you both.
Keep Heart

Thanks for the update, best wishes for your mom


She was quite puffy and swollen in her arms all day from the iv bursting repeatedly at night, though it is subsiding a bit. This afternoon she was quite nauseous because the neurologist had increased one of her TN meds for some reason (sorry, I can’t remember the specifics of which one). They tried another anti-nausea med (her 4th) and that did help. By evening she was feeling quite a bit better. Tomorrow they will see if she can walk a little and then hopefully transfer her to a different ward. She does have pain in her skull/ear area, but she does not think she is having TN pain, though it’s hard to say what is from the surgery vs TN.

Sounds rough. Please give her my best. Hope by now she is not so nauseous. Fingers crossed no more TN pain.
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Today my mom was having a very rough day. I only saw her for a total of maybe 5 minutes all day, as she did not want company when she was feeling so ill. She is very nauseous and dizzy. She is given a medication for the nausea but it only seems to help for about 30 minutes before she is nauseous again. She is still having ear pain and it is quite swollen around her ear/incision area.

She was able to sit on the edge of her bed and at one point a nurse wheeled her to a bathroom, but that is it. So they are keeping her in the step down ward until she is able to walk around comfortably. I suspect she will be in the step down ward another day at least.

So far she still doesn't think she is having TN pain, but moreso pain from the surgery, though it is hard to tell. Apparently today she told my dad that she would never have this surgery again. Hopefully that was just spoken in the moment, and if it does bring relief, it will be worth it in the end. :)

Thanks for all your responses. I read them to her yesterday and she was very appreciative!

Oh so sorry she is still so nauseous. I had major surgery thirty years ago and the first few days were hellishly rough, and then it started to get better. Your mother will feel better day by day. This must be hard for you and your father too. Good days are coming.
Keep Heart

i haven't been on this weekend until now. i'm glad for your updates. I'm new here and your mom has been so kind and helpful. I did think of her and was wondering how it went. I hope she's feeling better soon so she can begin to enjoy a pain free/med free life. Thank you for the updates. Stay strong, these rough days will pass and should all be worth it.

Sorry to hear the nausea continues.Those first few days can be horrible. Nausea is so tough to deal with. Tell your mom it will get better, for now just rest the best she can. It was also very difficult for me to tell surgical pain from TN pain initially. But even if some of it is TN pain, it can improve after her brain has more time to heal. Tell her to stay strong, she can do it!!

Aww I’m so sorry to hear she’s having a rough go with the nausea…please pass on our thoughts and well wishes, she’s a very strong woman but constant nausea can really be difficult to get through. I hope today is the day it relents, and she starts feeling better and stronger.
Lots of (((( hugs )))) Mimi xx

She is feeling quite a bit better today, though still not great. They are adding steroids to her nausea medication to see if it will help stop the dizzyness/nausea. She also just met with the physiotherapist and walked down the halls a bit. She is hoping to come home in a few days.

I sorry you mom is having a tough time with nausea and dizziness. I found that post-surgical nausea was one of the most difficult things I've experienced. I hope it dissipates ASAP.

I hope she is pain free from TN and wish her quick recovery.

Thanks for keeping us posted.