Strange room tipping

On Monday I went to my chiropractor for a massage and adjustment. Being in the middle of a flare up should have probably rescheduled, but it's something I want to have done regularly, so figured it was something to do if I could make it the two blocks.

I laid on the massage table on my side still dressed and ended up just crying for the first 15 minutes, and we just talked about what was going on. My massage therapist is also a chiropractor, a rare combination and he comes to town only once every two weeks just to see 'special' clients like me. Wonderful guy.

He did some light massage on my lower legs (upper legs are untouchable) and then the neck and head without having me move from laying on my side where I was curled up lightly crying at times just out of frustration. He also offered to let me have the room for a nap since it was lunch time, but I just wanted to go to the other dr and get my adjustment and go home. No shower for a week was making me self conscious (still haven't taken one, just can't stand that long).

I talked to him a minute about something new; the room seems to rapidly 'tip' when I'm not dizzy at all. It happens so suddenly and I'm down. Since I live alone it's a scary thing! Blamed it on the meds, but they haven't done it for all these months so far. Just started happening with this last flare. Now I was doing something at about 5 this morning, just not able to sleep, and I took a glass to the kitchen. I went to get something else off the coffee table and Wham!! the room went sideways and down I went HARD... Just sat right down on my butt, but falling. hurt my butt so bad, and felt my brain actually move in my head. now my shoulder is killing me. I was afraid to fall asleep, I had an instant migraine.

This is something totally new and I hope temporary!!

Not good! Get thee to a doctor ASAP.
It’s not safe for you, and it should be investigated for a cause. There are many things that could be causing this, so best to check it out to be safe.
Please go.
(( hugs )) Mimi