Still waiting on MRI approval (appealed)

I had my second ENT appointment. My MRI request was denied and my doctor appealed it. He said if they deny it again, he calls Health Alliance and explains to a medical specialist why I need the MRI. I really hate Health Alliance :( Greedy greedy health insurance companies! Making me wait since June 26th just to get an MRI!

Luckily, I haven't had any significant pain! :D I don't know if it's the Prednisone, or if it's just in remission.. Tomorrow is my last week on 10mg Prednisone, then I go to 5mg/week, then 2.5mg/week. At that point, I'll have been on it a month and my doctor said it's best not to stay on it too long, so if the MRI still isn't approved he'll want to check my bone density before continuing the Prednisone.

I've been taking a daily multivitamin and trying to make sure I jog or bike most days of the week :) Also I eat with the right side of my face or chew any gum.

Hi Jessica,

I'm very sorry it's taking so long to get the MRI approved! Good thing is, you haven't had much pain, I very much hope it will stay like this. I admire that you're able to jog or bike, I can't get my lazy bum moving:) To make things worse, I've been eating like crazy for the past couple of weeks, I think it's the Neurontin that I'm taking. Long gone are the days when I did yoga daily. I'm booked for my MRI this Friday, somehow I don't expect much will show up on it. Let me know when you get some news about your MRI appeal!

Take care,