Still have pains

I am going on two weeks after surgery and I’ve started to have head pains once again. They took me completely off Trileptal 150mg and Gralise 300mg but I’m still on Vimpat 200mg and Gabapentin 300mg. Going to start to taper off of them two medicines little by little. Has anybody else experienced head pains after MVD surgery?? They wrapped the nerve AND lifted the vessel AND put something between the two! So I don’t know why I am experiencing this shocking pain again!

Kelly, although the culprit ( compression) was removed during your surgery, the nerve itself is “hurt” it takes time or the nerve to heal itself. My doctor used the analogy of a garden hose, it gets a kink in it, and even though you run water through it or work out the kink, there is still a bit of a dent in the hose, this will work itself out over time, just like your nerve. So you can still have pain, many neurosurgeons are anxious to get you weaned off meds rather quickly, it’s best to take your time with this, especially if you are having some TN pain. Your focus should be healing from the surgery so if putting off weaning off the meds enables you to do that without pain, I would talk to your doctor about it.
I’m not a doctor by any means these are just my opinions…
Don’t worry or stress, that aggravates the pain as well.
Use the 6 month to a year time frame.

Yes Mimi is right it would take time.