Staples versus stitches

I was just reading a post where someone mentioned they had a CSF leak that resulted in the use of lumbar drains, and a fat patch surgery to correct. They also mentioned the neurosurgeon had used staples to close, and this got me to thinking about something my neurosurgeon told me.

CSF leaks are common with MVD surgery. Knowing this my neurosurgeon told me he only uses stitches as there is less of a chance of a leak coming out of the incision. ( My leak came out of my nose. That is a whole different story.) The stitches better close the incision, thus the lessened risk. I say lessened, knowing that it can still happen no matter what is done.

Life is good,


I forgot to mention they were not single stitches, but one long running stitch. All total it was 19 stitches.