Since the Weahter Changed

I was doing pretty good for the month of January & February. The weather changed 2 weeks ago here in Houston it got cold and my pain started again, don't know if it has anything to do with it but I have been having the worset pain...the medication that help me doesn't help me any more.....

Call your doctor and they may suggest a little increase for you hun. May I ask what meds and how much you take? I had to increase 3 times in 4 months at first to reach my correct level so it would keep most of the pain at bay. My increases were due to breakthrough pain. But once I reached a good level, it helped a lot. Made me forgetful, really tired, etc... but it helped that pain. Now I just have a few breakthrough twinges every now and then. I have actually been so pain free these last few days, I have decided to play a little roulette and lower my dose a little. If I do ok, I will lower it some more. If not, I will increase it again. Sometimes you have to play with your meds. DEFINITELY contact the doctor. Keep me posted and good luck!

I experience the same issue last week. It was nice and warm where I am, in the 70's then it flipped over night to the 40's and the pain began to set in. it lasted for 10 days during the cold spell we had. Now that it has warmed up a bit it has lessened to the point now where today and yesterday were mostly pain free days. I think the cold has a lot to do with the pain. Blood vessels change size in colder weather and could be the culprit, Just my thought there. But I totally agree with you!