Short Intro

I'm 31, recently married, living in NC. I have suffered from headaches, or what I would call one constant headache, for the last 3 years. Besides the occasional sharp stabbing pain, that I describe as being "Ice Picked" in the top of the head, I've had one constant headache.

After many failed attempts at doctors, eye doctors, mental health doctors and many many different types of medications, I finally got to a Neurologist and was given the diagnosis of TN this past January. The only downside to this is that I moved from CA to NC in March, so I basically had to start all over trying to find a Neurologist. Thankfully the Army made it very easy by referring me out, and I actually like the doctor, mainly because he doesn't like to keep putting you on and off different medications looking for something that "might" work. So he mentioned seeing a Neurosurgeon to see if they had any other options or opinions.

This is all up to the most recent development which I will be putting in a subsequent Post of its own.