Septocaine and Trigeminal Nerve Injury

Has anyone suffered nerve injury while being injected with septocaine? My Trigeminla Nerve was injured during a root canal, the needle poked my nerve this septocaine(anesthetics) travel into my blood stream, in wich has cause paresthesia in my left side of may face to my arm and hands and other side effects: Blurred vision,ear pain,neck pain,numbness and tingling feeling as well as a burning scentsation. These are just a few of them.

Hi Madeline,

I'm a newish member here myself. I'm not sure whether I was injected with Septocaine or something else. But I did have a strong pain in my bottom front teeth when the dentist used a needle to get me numb for a simple filling three months ago. As you have probably read, there are many people here who have had trouble after dental work.

My main symptoms are a burning type feeling, occasional aches and cheek twinges and stinging all on the left side (although all of these symptoms have improved over the last week). To be honest I'm not sure what is going on with me, although I haven't experienced any real awful pain (and I pray that I won't!). I honestly regret going to the dentist though!

I hope you're doing OK!