September 2012 Update

Well It's almost fall now, which means I've been taking my Carbamazepine pills daily for about a year and a half. I take them every 6 hrs, and before bed I take 2 at 12 so that I don't have to wake and take another around 6am. I find that by spreading out the dosage, I get the 4 per day which keeps me feeling fine, without overloading my blood. The last thing I want to do is stress my kidneys. I have tried taking fewer pills per day, but it brings me close to the 'grey zone' where I sense the pain just barely being contained, and although I like living on the edge, that is one edge I do NOT want to cross again. Pain-free for about a year and a half and looking to stay that way.

My dad send me a link the other day which spoke of a procedure in Ottawa called Cyberknife. I thought it would be like Gammaknife surgery, but from what I read in this short article, it seems to relieve the pain unlike Gammaknife which can leave a lingering pain still requiring of medication. Although i have not done much research on this new procedure, if it does indeed relieve the pain completely, I may have to consider it as I do not want to remain on pills for the rest of my life. The memory loss and other side effects could be done without. I'm often left wondering who I am, as I forget who I was before all of this pain/pills began. It's entirely possible that once the pills can be removed from my system, my true self can come back out.

I'm just saying it would be nice.

Take care,


Hi Eric, nice to meet another Canadian, although sorry that we share TN .
I’m from Montreal originally but live out west just outside of Edmonton.
Glad to hear your pain is under control! I can relate to wanting to be off the meds and be able to think and speak coherently.At 800 mg of Tegretol I was ok, but now that I’m at 1600mg the decline in my word recall is quite noticeable!
I don’t know vey much about the cyber knife procedure but have been looking into MVD myself.
Anyway, just wanted I say hi…