Root Canal in 2 hours - I'm TERRIFIED!

Took my xanax, am expecting "laughing gas" and lots of novicane. I'm not scared of needles and tooth pain - I'm scared of electrical paddle pain in my left cheek. It hurts enough as it is. Three other nearby teeth now hurt. What if this makes it worse? Antibiotics helped the original tooth pain, so I'm hopeful it is actually a tooth,with referred pain elsewhere. I would rather meet Hannibal Lector right now than go to the dentist. Any and all prayers/good thoughts appreciated!!!!!!

Hi Sue. Your name is very familiar! I wonder if I am in some other group with you. Do you belong to Rest Ministries Sunroom, or other illness support groups? Maybe that’s another Sue Richey. I am praying for you!! It might not be as bad as you think, due to novacaine, but if it is, you can go to the E.R. for help to get the pain under control quickly. I hope your doc will give you some pain meds. I don’t blame you for being scared! Is the root canal on the top or the bottom? Fill us in when you feel good enough to!
Blessings, Sheila

good luck Sheila hope you get through it ok x let me know how it goes x

I didn’t get a root canal after all - he was able today to take an several fancy x-rays and he couldn’t find any problems with my teeth, sinus, or jaw. All of my teeth upper left side, from front to back, hurt. So - unfortunately, it appears the herpes zoster virus of my PHTN is now in the nerves affecting my teeth, in addition to cheeks and eyes. In other words, “what fresh hell is this”. I need to start taking some sort of medicine, I will do some research on pills similar to Gabapentin to find something I can put under my tongue. It’s such a vicious cycle - stress makes everything worse and I feel like all I have is stress from the TN!!! Let me off this merry-go-round.

antibiotics can reduce neuropathic pain; something most doctors not rooted in research don't know. they control inflammatory markers associated both with infection and nerve injury.

vesper you have any other information to share on your post about antibiotics and neuropathic pain. I developed a literal 24/7 chronic daily headache after a bad root canal 3 years ago and in that time the only thing that has completely eliminated the headaches has been when I'm on a course of antibiotics.

I'm new to this site and now think I may have some form of TN. I also have lifetime TMJ problems and developed chronic neck pain after the headaches started. Any thoughts on what kind of doctors I would go to and/or how to find one? I'll go anywhere. Any Doc I have ever asked, and I have seen a lot, have said it doesn't make sense. Thanks in advance for any help.

vesper venustas said:

antibiotics can reduce neuropathic pain; something most doctors not rooted in research don't know. they control inflammatory markers associated both with infection and nerve injury.


Oh Sue, I just saw this and I hope everything went well! Ever since I got TN and go to the dentist I almost pass out in the chair when they start to do ANYTHING to my lower left side. Even cleaning I get that way when they get over there. They are aware of my TN and they try to get me to relax, but I grip my hands together so hard that they turn white and I almost pass out. I am fine as long as they aren't on the lower left side. I've never been afraid of dentists and I am like you, it's not the needles or anything-I am scared of the electrical shocks or ice pick-like stabs!

I finally went a few months ago to the dentist for a cleaning, after 4 years without. They hooked me up with the "most gentle" hygienist. One appointment was for my lower teeth only, that took one hour. The second appointment was for my upper teeth, took one hour and LOTS of novicane. My problem is one tooth upper left side - they did that side last. The first time wasn't bad, the second time, between the Xanax, novicane, laying down for one hour and being a nervous wreck, I definitely felt like I had been through hell. After I felt rather unsteady on my feet and traumatized. But at least its done without the tooth acting up. She put a "normal" amount of novicane in at first, I could still feel it, then she had to put a second dose in! I have to yell at the TV when the commercials come on about how bad shingles on your skin are. How about shingles in your teeth, eyes, face, ears, etc? Maybe if some Holllywood celebrity had this it would get more noticed.