Road Tripping

Hello Friends,

I've just returned from a Memphis to San Francisco road trip. I could not have made the trip 3 years ago. You know the problems: eating, chewing, talking, car vibrations and toothbrushing. Finding the proper meds provided manageable pain control. I mention this to those still in search of effective meds. Hang in there!

I passed a somber afternoon visiting the Martin Luther King Memorial Museum adjacent to at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, the location of his assassination. The city at one time time tried to tear it down but people put up a successful fight to maintain it as it was in April of 1968. ( I still remember where I was the moment I heard about it. It was one of the most dreadful days of my life. So, sitting in front of the Lorraine Hotel, looking, remembering, teary-eyed,depressed and hopeful created a life-time event for me.

Happier moments included visiting the Mud Island Historical Museum on the banks of the Mississippi, an incredible display of Memphis and Mississippi River folk-lore

A cool old-car trolley system operates around the downtown area.

Little did I know that Memphis holds an annual Elvis Presley Week This year celebrated the 35th year of his death. The city was packed and of course it jacked up the hotel rates. Most of the events were celebrated at Graceland. My time was short in Memphis so I didn't attend any of the events but I did see an Elvis along with a ton of motorcycles on crowded Beale Street Every imaginable item had Elvis stamped on it. Everyone wore an Elvis tee shirt. Most designs presented the Las Vegas era of EP. I prefer the slicked black hair, white tee shirt and jeans Elvis. The bad, defiant snarled lip of a rockabilly star that scared the bejezzus out of an older generation

The journey included brief drives along old Route 66 (L.A, to Chicago);decimated by the construction of the Interstate Highway system, the Meteor Crater near Flagstaff Arizona and several severe thunderstorms that brought visibility to near zero. If you ever get a chance to drive across New Mexico and Arizona, don't miss it. The landscape is different from anything you'll ever see. Well, there's more but I'll leave it at that. The purpose of the trip was to help a long time friend drive back to California. We traveled with her cat Ruby and the dog Dash. Motel 6 is pet friendly.

I thought a lot about our site:the misery,suffering, joy, warmth, love and hope we share together. Here's to all of you and some day you will "..get your kicks on Route 66!".