Remyelinating agents

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If i have this correct, the source of TN pain is the neurons misfiring after going through demyelination due to mechanical factors (i.e., vascular compression) or some systematic demyalinating causes like MS.

So here is my question, currently there is a lot of MS-related research into remyelinating agents which are basically drugs designed to help neurons recover some of their myelin sheath. I am curious, would such an agent, if it is to ever come to the market (not even close, imho) help with TN and other neuropathies? or would it only help with TN if the cause is MS? in other words, would a vascular compression related demyelination be repaired using such a drug (hypothetically) ?

I saw this news article recently and it made me wonder if such a drug could help with TN:



They need to come up with something specifically for tn medication wise… What they give us aren’t even meant for tn … It’s crap

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