Radiofrequency rhizolysis

After almost another year of ATN I finally have some relief. I was finally diagnosed with permanent nerve damage in all of my trigeminal nerve from the first incident where I had a vessel embedded in my trig nerve in 6 different places. They of course tried all the medicines and came to this conclusion. My original compression is still in place.( it was thought maybe it had moved or became imbedded) . On May 20th and June 7th they performed the radiofrequency rhizolysis. The first completely numbed V3 some of V2 and very little of V1. They went in again and did more on 2 and 3 and very little on 1 ( too much and you cannot blink). I feel much much better. Basically no feeling in 2 and 3 except for my jaw and ear. One is still painful but better. Still on all the pain and seizure meds… I have actually been able to play with my children, laugh, talk, and go out of the house! I would recommend anyone suffering to give it a try. A little less torture is still torture…but a little less;)

Thanks for sharing Amynay,
Glad to hear you’ve experienced some reduction in pain and are able to enjoy your children all the more! I hope with time you get more relief!!
(( hugs )) Mimi

Thank you Mimi…keep on trucking right !