Post 2 Days Gamma Ray Treatment

Aug 1st I received the Gamma Ray treatment for my acute facial pain. The treatment took about an hour-half. Longer than expected. I started having extreme pain and they had to stop a few times. The actual treatment doesn’t hurt, but laying on the head block for that time frame is what hurt so bad. Plus I had complications from lumbar puncture which caused me severe headaches all week. So after the gamma ray procedure my doctor sent me for a blood stop procedure. To stop the spinal fluid from leaking, but the doctor I saw on Friday determined I didn’t need it. Today, Saturday, so far so good. No pain! Well, just a slight burn, but I’ll take that. It’s only been 2 days. I’m going to chart my days to report back to my doctor in a month. With the gamma ray, I was back home doing normal activities. Taking it easy, I could have worked the next day if I didn’t have the other procedure. So all I well with Ms. E. Thanks for reading.

I have never been offered this from my Dr. I cancelled my nerve block. Don’t feel like it will help me. The first one didn’t.