PNS device help?

Hello my friends. I need your advice. The levels of my TN pain are manageable with plenty of rest and limited activity. I am so afraid of having a severe attack that I avoid normal group activities most of the time. Pain is like a nightmare, or hell, whichever is worse.

I tried running, but it hurts and it’s like my brain warns me that worse is to come if I continue, and when I continue, yeouch! pain does escalate.

This PNS implant device; what is your experience with it - anyone? I know of one person who is on our support group website. Another one I know outside of our network has some kind of cortex implant. Anybody have experience with this? I’m thinking I ought to fight a little harder. It would be great to reduce the medication levels I put in my body to control pain (and own a horse or something! Just kidding).

I have one. In fact, I'm on my second one. My newest one was implanted 11/30/2011 and is an upgrade from my previous one. This one has 8 contacts on each lead that lay on top of my TN branch 1 and 2 (above and below my left eye). This one is fantastic. I can control the type and level of current on each lead which means I can turn up the one above my eye while reducing the one below my eye.

I'm quite sure this device has saved my life and definitely improved my quality of life. Before the implant I was in the ER 2-3 times per week for over 2 1/2 years! Really! Now that I have a PNS, my ER trips are farther apart and occur 1-2 times every 3 or 4 months. Not bad....not bad at all.

I dont know that this drastic surgery is for everyone, but I am so glad I found the support and courage to go through with it. Honestly, I was at the end of my rope with this pain. So was my family. Imagine your loved ones watching you day in an day out endure pain they cannot conceive of...Look who i'm talking to... Of course you guys know what that feels like. You go through it too.

I'm so glad that I'm the sick one in my family. I couldnt bare to watch my daughter, my parnter, even my friends have to go through this. If there is a blessing at the center of my pain, thats it!