Persistent adverse neurological effects following SSRI discontinuation (PANES)

Anybody hear of brain damage (or maybe even GPN) caused by your antidepressent/antianxiety med?

I was on Effexor XR for 3 years and had a terrible time getting off. When I finally did, that is when the beginning symptoms of GPN started.

Anyone else?

Hi Tess…what an interesting idea. Several years ago, I got off the Sertraline (Zoloft) - back on it now, and God, don’t take that away - but I do remember feeling weird little electric-shock-like sensations all over for a few days…I was off of the Sertraline for a few months. When I think back on things, that’s when all of this started…hmmmmmmm. I got back on the Sertraline because I’m a 'lil anxious, and it helps. But this is a very interesting theory.

Now thinking about this, I have tried Exeffor, but as the uk variety of venlafaxine and I only lasted on it a couple of days due to what it did to my stomach! So I can't really make a connection there, but I do have a connection between the constant atypical pain and some of the anticonvusants, which ironically made for a Hell of a difficult time in determining the true root of my neuralgia, but that's a whole other story!!!

Wish I could offer more input on this one, sorry folks, can't really be of any help on this :o( xxx

I was on zoloft about 18 years ago, but have only had GPN about 4 years. Not sure of the long term effect of the medication. I really do not remember any problems at the time, but that’s not saying I didn’t have any! My memory has never been good, and seems to deteriorate by the day…

Hey Tess, I've been on Effexor a while too but I know I had GPN before I went on it. Interestingly enough I know that at least one SSRI has been shown to produce some pain relief for GPN sufferers. My pain management physician put me on Cymbalta at one point and I did have pain relief but I have to say that as I side effect with that med I felt such an intense state of uneasiness that despite the pain relief I went off of the medication.

I was looking at the monograph for effexor and despite MANY potential adverse effects that are listed there's nothing along the lines of nerve damage. Still you never know.