Oh Please, Not the Other Side Too

I have cholesterol bumps under both my eyes. Last week I had the ones on my TN side removed. This was no problem at all. Yesterday I had the ones removed under my other eye, non TN side, and this was not as easy. The incision is longer, deeper (though still not into muscle) and uglier. Suddenly this evening I had incredible pain, like sharp knives stabbing in one particular area. They took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I am terrified that my TN is becoming bilateral. Has anyone had experience like this? Please give me hope.

Huge (((( hugs )))) Patty!
I know that on occasion when you have a procedure on your TN side, pain can occur on the opposite side, as a reaction…I’ve read of a few people who have experienced this but it was short lasting.
Doesn’t necessarily mean you have bilateral TN…keep a log of any irritation.or TN like pain and definitely follow up if it increases which I hope it doesn’t!!
Tons of positive thoughts coming your way my friend, Mimi xx

I heard of that too, Mimi. Just twinges..that come and go...soo keep positive thoughts Patti... Jury is not out yet. :)

What are cholesterol bumps? I have never heard of those. Are they caused by high cholesterol??