No more missed appointments

So relieved.....I won't be missing anymore appointments. I went downtown today for an interview for Access Calgary Handibus....and it went well and as of tomorrow I can book for a bus/van to pick me up and take me to where I need to go and bring me home, especially medical appointments. It costs the same as regular bus fare.

This is just awesome as my Dr. is quite far and my legs are getting worse because of winter weather I guess, hope that's all it is. The arthritis is painful and tiring. Who needs that to deal with on top of TN and TMJ and shoulder Tendonosis. Even if I have to up the doses on my meds I can still get to my medical appointments..................................

Sigh of relief! And I won't have to be such a shut in this winter! If I want I can go to a mall and hang out!!! I can even have a part time job and they'll take me and pick me up!! Isn't that awesome! Can't believe I was so reluctant to use this system but it is what it is and I need it. I had to get rid of the Pride!


Happy for you!