Nerve Cutting good or bad?

Please, please is their anyone out there that has had the Trigeminal Nerve cut and got any positive results. I read an article in a magazine about a woman with TN who had her nerves cut and it was a complete success. Now my neurologist want to discuss this option with my neurosurgeon for me. All the research I have done since suggest this is a very BAD idea. I have already had the TIC Injection done, and also an MVD with no success . Please help. X

I would ask my doctors a whole list of questions. This woman in the article you mentioned may be a one off, or perhaps the people who come here who had their nerves cut only to wake up to even more pain may be the "odd" people out there. I'd definitely wanted to know the success rates, the risks and if there is anything else the doctors can do if the surgery fails (I imagine not much). This is a very tough decision you're facing and you need to be absolutely sure that you understand all the doctors tell you. I would also ask a 2nd and 3rd opinion if I were you. Take care.

Read the above thread Lesley, it’s the most recent I’ve read on here…
Thinking of you, Mimi xx

I don't know, I have heard this is a bad idea. But I would suggest doing your research...........LOTS of it. Find out success rates of doing this, etc.... Hopefully you can get in touch with other patients who have had this done too. Do not make this decision lightly. Put lots of research and thought into it and take your time making it. Good luck to you!