Nerve block shot and other meds question just the facts mam/sir

This might be considered a dumb question but since there isn’t supposed to be a dumb question I’ll ask any way:

If one receives the nerve block shots while at the same time receiving IV pain med does this mean one HAS TN type 1 and/or trauma induced TN?
Thank you so much for all the important info so far

It's not a dumb question, Phoebe, though I think we'll have to be careful to extract your precise intentions in asking. TN induced by trauma is just that -- trigeminal facial pain which emerges immediately following a blunt force "event" of some kind, including both accidents and dental surgery. TN Type 1 is diagnosed solely from the patient's medical history and present pain presentation. If you have volleys of short, sharp, electric shock stabs that individually last perhaps as long as 90 seconds, with the volley dying out after a couple of hours, then you have Type I Trigeminal Pain. If the pain emerged after trauma, then most doctors would call it "Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain"". If the pain emerges seemingly spontaneously out of no identifiable cause, then it would more likely be called "Classic" or "Type I" Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Some doctors who administer nerve blocks to the face will prepare patients with an IV pain medication before they insert a needle. This step is intended to save the patient from unnecessary pain if the doctor happens to hit the nerve or a trigger zone in a non-optimal area or manner. Other doctors may simply use a topical anesthetic on the surface of the face. I don't think there is a standard of practice that applies in all cases or procedures called nerve bloc. So whether a doctor uses pain meds in an IV or not, literally has NOTHING to do with which type of TN pain you have.

Please check out this logical outline with your neurologist before you buy off on it as gospel, Phoebe.

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