Neck Surgery or MVD? What to DO first? HELP!:)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading my post:) I have had constant ear pain and some neck, throat and jaw too. It has mostly been on the left and now it can also go to the right side. I have been sleeping with two ice packs for 10 Months! It is Nerve Pain in its worst form at times... Cannot take the common Meds due to a Major side effect, so Surgery is my most Hopeful option, even though it seems very scary. I Do have a very visible neck issue which in some cases can radiate up. It is not as common though. I have the typical numb fingers and hand. The severe pain is mostly upward into my ears and under jaw. I also get spasms or cramp like feelings on both sides of my neck. This has been confusing because it all started in my left ear and was thought to Geniculate or Glosso.N. MRI of Brain show vessels close to Ganglion, but they cannot see an obvious compression in the brain. The Neck however is obvious... I have to choose what to do first. Both Dr.s agree that either surgery may or may not help. Feeling pressure and want any input either way:)

Thanks & God Bless All of you:) Julie

Good Morning, Jewels... What common meds have you tried, and what side effect have you observed? Likewise, what is the "very visible neck issue?" Numb fingers and hand might imply scoliosis or other spinal deformation. Spasms in your neck could track to neuralgia of the greater occipital nerve, or to a spinal deformation. Are your doctors neurosurgeons or orthopedists? My instinct would be that you might profit from a joint consultation with people in both specialties.

Thank you for responding Richard,

I have a herniated C5/C6 with a Bone spur at that same level that is crushing two nerves. The numbness down my left arm into my hand is a very common symptom. The ear pain however is not a common symptom from a neck issue that originated that far down. I know I could actually have two co existing issues. My Neck Dr. is a Orthopedic Dr. I have also been seen by a Neurosurgeon for both my neck and Neuralgia issues. The Neurosurgeons are both Cranial based surgeons who have done many MVD surgeries. As far as medication, I actually am a pretty happy person in general, except when the pain is a 8 to 10. and when I take any anti seizure or antidepressant, I have actually had massive and dangerous type depression. I otherwise never have depression. It was so scary to have pain and realize the treatment was causing severe depression. I realize that this is all a gamble and so it will be up to me to make this very difficult decision. I was just wondering if any person may have experienced relief of nerve pain in the TN or GN area after neck surgery? Thanks!! those were very good questions.

Okay... your situation is clearer. In the circumstances you describe, it appears to me that you're going to need surgery for the bone spur before the nerves are pinched hard enough and long enough that they may not heal properly after surgery. Your neck should probably be addressed before MVD, to see what improvement in overall pain conditions you can get when pressure on the cervical spine is relieved.

Regards, Red


It is hard enough to deal with one of these conditions let alone two at one time. My heart goes out to you. I was a chiropractor for over 30 years before selling my practice 8 years ago. I am also a post surgical mvd survivor ( 100% relief for the last 4 months since my procedure & no feelings that it will return ). The cervical radicular pain you describe in conjunction with your cervical degenerative changes definitely warrants attention. If it were me I would address this issue immediately. I would not to face an orthopedic cervical procedure after having the mvd procedure done. It all is very complicated and as was mentioned by Red it might be in your best interest to open dialogue with each of the surgeons to get their opinions. Sorry, I couldn't be of much help here, I just know what I would do.

Good luck and hope for rich blessings for your life!

Jay in North Idaho

Thank you Jay:) I am so Happy to hear that your procedure went well!!! What a Blessing! I am actually scheduled for MVD on November 15th! YEAH.. & I will be traveling to PA area for mine.. Unless, I decide to go and have my neck done first. I am seeing one of the Top Docs here in Michigan on Monday for necks. He is also a Man who many people from my Church believe is of Great Character. I don't know..This whole thing has beaten me up pretty bad. Now, I am truly ready for a Bold move & leap of Faith. I think everything will probably come down to Monday for me. It was actually my Chiropractor who really believed that much of my issues could be coming from my neck. I Love Chiropractic care. I wish could fix this stuff for me! Thank you again.

That's awesome; I so hope that your mvd goes as well as mine did. Follow thru with it and get it behind you and move forward with the rest of your life. I will be in prayer for you and keep you on my heart as you face these decisions!!


As the positioning of the neck for MVD surgery is very hard on the neck, I would be concerned about you going a head first with the MVD. You are asking great questions, but one's I would direct you to ask of your surgeon. I had repeat surgery yesterday. As a matter of fact I am tying this while lying in my hospital bed. I can honestly say my neck hurts worse than my face at this point.