MVD surgery and teeth numbness

Asking anyone out there. I had MVD six weeks ago. My left side of my face is numb. Inside of mouth half is numb. Question: Is it normal that my teeth feel cold sometimes to point of pain?

Surgeon said was normal but does anyone know the name of the lidocaine rinse for your mouth?

Lidocaine mouthwash, call dr to call it in for you! Even your primary
Whoever is quickest to respond!!

I had MVD 3 years ago and still numb on my right side. The doctor said it will probably stay that way. It messes with my dentist more than me.

Totally normal..I had MVD 31 yrs ago and still get periodic numbness on that side of face and tongue. Also sometimes makes the teeth around the area almost feel like they are wooden. Not all the time kind of comes and goes. To me its a reminder and I think how blessed and fortunate I have been to be cured of this terrible disease.