MVD/Resectioning scheduled for August 17th!

Hi everyone, I have finally been scheduled for my surgery with Dr. Michael Brisman in Rockville Centre NY (Long Island, NY).

My Fiesta/Trigeminal series MRI showed my PICA (posterior inferior cerabellur artery) compressing my 9th cranial nerve and the radiologist said the artery is quite "tortuous", meaning kinked and tangled I think.

Anyway, Dr. Brisman is decompressing the 9th and cutting the upper rootlets of the 10th. I think that I want the 9th cut completely instead of just decompression. Just not sure if that is the right thing to do.

Can anyone who has had MVD/Resectioning tell me your experience from the time you got to the hospital all the way up until you started feeling better from the surgery? I just really need to know what to expect. I was told I would be in the Neuro ICU for two days and then a regular room for a day or two. I am 5 hours from where I am having surgery.

Thank you all so much for reading this. Billie

I just realized in my short term memory lapses from Gabapentin that I posted this very same question with some really great responses!!!!!!! I did not add my MRI results to that thread though, so if you replied to my other thread disregard this one and if you did'nt, could you tell me your experience please. Thank you so much, Billie

Good luck, and I wish you a pain free future!