Mike and others with success with GOLA block

I was at hopkins yesterday in the Neuro dept. They were great but think I need to c a person in the neuralgia clinic which of course I agreed w. I have an apt but it is way out in Nov. They put me also on the cancellation list to get me in sooner. Anyway they mentioned trying nerve block. I did a search here saw several people had luck w certain nerve blocks. So I then started looking them up. I realized this afternoon I could touch a spot in back of my neck and get. All my symptoms. Then I found tonight this about the GOLA block for superior cervical ganglion. I have every one of these odd symptoms. I have not had the GOLA yet but I think this is exciting. If u feel like one half of your face neck has symptoms read thishttp://www.spinalstenosisanddisc.com/articles/14-neck-pain-headache-nausea-blocked-ears-sensitivity-to-light.html