Lyrics Pregabalin

Hello all I have gpn pain and first bite due to paraganglioma removel.I'm currently taking 225 prevailing split into two doses .It is now starting to help but I am dopy and brain is foggy.Anyone else on this if so what dose and any side affects .


Hello brandybaby. Yes, I'm on pregabalin, 600mg. The side effects do get better after a while. glad its helping you.

Hi Brandybaby, are the effects starting to settle down a bit for you yet? Hope they are.. :)

Up to 300 now.It's defiantly helping.first bite is bearable; but I feel half strangled all the time and have a dry cough if I overdo things.Don't know if it's nerve or scar tissue.

I would check this out with your Doctor. I get very dry mouth but not cough.