Latest general information on GPN, and journal article links

Hi all,

I thought I would post of few links. This first one is to updated general information about GPN.

This next link is to all the latest journal articles ranging from case studies to surgery to different causes.

Some will be free access full articles, while others are just abstracts. However, these abstracts can sometimes give you enough information to settle your curiosity. If you wanted further information you could ask your specialist to maybe source fully for you.

Alternatively, other ways to source documents that you may want full access to is by joining a university library . Each library has its own rules, but some allow access if you join just a borrower. So worth while asking the question if you are interested in researching information. You are generally able to do this research off campus via a log in.[Title]%20AND%20neuralgia[Title]&cmd=DetailsSearch

There is also the free component of the Cochrane Database that people can use which provides 2 page abstracts. It has a tutorial on this page to show you how to use it.

Many thanks Kaz. Great to have access to these current papers and studies. I have bookmarked the site. I remain symptomfree almost 3 years postop MVD 5,9,&10! Kudos to all the MDs and others who have made this affliction a priority and cures possible.

Thanks Kaz, I will check these out later also. I have asked this before, but does anyone have a cough from this? My Dr. wants a MRI, which is fine with me, but I had a neurologist say it would not show anything. I have undiagnosed RR MS, and I think the MS people cough.


Hi Funtsie,

As far as I am aware not with GPN. During attacks one can have a sensation of aggrevation that can cause a person to cough which triggers more pain.

In regards to MS, no, a cough is not generally normal as an MS symptom unless it is a side effect from certain medications, which most people with MS are on multiple medications, so the chance of a cough as a side effect would be greatly increased. One can have a cough if they suffer from respiratory issues with MS. In regards to having undiagnosed RRMS, there are many diseases that can mimic MS so you need to also rule those out.

Having an MRI is a MUST if you want to get a diagnosis. They diagnose MS based on the McDonald Criteria.

Lesions in MS have a typical pattern, as in regions they appear in. However, there are other conditions that also lesions can be in the same regions typical of MS. Low levels of B12 can mimic MS symptoms, so it is always wise to have your levels checked. Also lumbar puncture looking at ogliconal bands (IgG) is generally positive in 85% of MS patients, and is used at times to confirm a diagnosis.

Have a read of these:

Kaz where do you find all of this?!

I did Google MS and coughing and there is a P.H.D. out there who blogs and she has MS and coughs.




I have had MS for a very long time and diagnosed for 14 years. Have also had GPN for more than 14 years. I have researched a lot, plus just finishing my Bach component of a Masters degree in Health Science has enlightened me further in regards to pathophysiology of diseases and also pharmacology etc.

In regards to one person's blog on a cough, don't get too carried away. As mentioned it may well be a side effect to medication. OR she has respiratory issues with MS. People easily seem to forget about drugs causing side effects and can put something new down to their condition. I see it happen a lot! When they eventually stop the medication (the offending one), the 'new' symptom stops.

Are you on blood pressure medications?