Joys of snow!

Ok so I’m new here and this is the first blog entry of my life! But I thought I’d have a check and see how others have coped with the cold winter weather (I’m UK so if your living somewhere sunny I’m very jealous!).

When he snow came down I admit I was excited, I love getting out and building a snowman…never to old for it! But then at that time I was relatively pain free following my last procedure. After a couple of days of freezing conditions I’d retreated to my couch and refused to leave the house…looking rather stylish sporting a bobble hat with the heating on full…yes the pain had returned! I knew it was in there hiding and the snow seemed to have enticed it out too!

I’m lucky that I have a fantastic boss who’s very understanding and have spent the last couple of weeks working from home while avoiding the temptation to drug myself up. I already had another procedure booked for today which kept me sane in the hopes this would be as successful as the last.

I should be asleep now but I’m feeling a little battered nd bruised from the needles but its kind of a nice pain…not sure if people relate to this but when the pain is anything other than the normal I kind of find myself appreciating it as a welcome change!

Anyhow, would like to hear how the cold weather is affecting others, hope your all managing it well and managing to stay positive.

Big hugs x

Hey there, I’m also in England and yes the cold weather was hateful.
It made me smile to read that you were sporting a bobble hat indoors with heating on full cause that is exactly how I have been, to the amusement of others.
I found the days after the snow fall worse when the temperature really dropped,I could not stand the pain!!
Staying positive is hard but it has to be done.
I am trying out the Bowen technique tomorrow to see if that helps at all.
Thank you for your post it made me smile.
Much love x x

Thank you for the response, nice to know I’ve made someone smile and that my weird sense of humour isn’t completely out of place here! I hope that the Bowen technique works for you, would be interested to know the outcome. I’ve tried acupuncture and aromatherapy but no joy although maybe I’ve been a bit too sceptical to begin with to really appreciate it. My hat is off now though and I don’t feel quite so silly :slight_smile: