Interesting comment made to me about Cyber Knife treatment

When it came to discussion about TN treatments, my neurosurgeon said he would NEVER recommend any radiation treatment, unless it was for brain tumors. His concern is that, while Cyber Knife is pin pointed radiation, it is still radiation, and the risk of doing damage to surrounding areas is great.

I have also been doing a lot of reading about Whole Body Radiation load due to medical tests. Xrays, ct scans, nuclear thyroid scans, lost track how many MRIs I have had with the radioactive tracer. I am told with time, it all clears the system, but I am left to wonder about long term damage. Honestly, even if my neurosurgeon recommended Cyber Knife treatment I would not have it done. I think over the past 50 years I have nuked my body enough.

Here is a good article on the issue of radiation body load. It is out of concern of radiation body load, that my neurosurgeon does not recommend cyber knife for TN.