In the middle of a diagnosis

Hi I’m 38 years old married with 4 boys.

In 2008 I started getting eye twitches in
My left eye, it didn’t bother me and I thought it was just one of those things.
This year in feb something happened to my normal face.
I started getting a burning sensation on my left side from the corner of my left eye to the side of my nose. I thought I had allergies. It didn’t go away with antihistamines or pain meds. It was excruciating and they lasted all day but intensified by touch or even wind or aircon, I was crying it felt like acid was poured. Although when you looked at me I looked fine, my skin didn’t look red at all. I went to a dermatologist and I neglected to say it was just one side of my face that was affected. It didn’t register with me I just said my face is burning. He put me on anti malarial drugs which helps skin conditions but he couldn’t pinpoint my problem. The med worked but I had horrible side effects so I went off them.
6 weeks later it started again! I saw a dentist as I had to have fillings done, spoke to him about it and then he asked me questions I said yes to everything he asked, he said I believe you have TN.
My symptoms are
Burning of outer eye corner to the bridge of my nose.
Burning behind my left eye.
Between the burning sensation I have pinprick stab kind of pain, the burning is there all the time except for night time.
Where it burns my skin is sensitive and may peel due to me touching it.

It is only on my left side.

I never connected the previous eye twitch till the dentist asked me.
It all just fell into place and I said omg you’re right.
I’m happy to have gotten an answer and have an appt with the specialist,

I also used to have a pituitary tumor.

Glad you got your answer. Now to just tackle it head-on and get started on the right meds! Good luck! ((((HUGS))))