I don't want drugs....I want healing

I've tried every drug down the list of drugs to try for trigeminal nerve damage-they haven't exactly diagnosed me with TN, but they treat it pretty much the same way. Nothing works! I've had Botox for TN. What's next? I go to a pain clinic. He seems to be trying drugs to make me "feel" better, but none have. I don't just want to "feel" better. I want to "be" better! Any ideas?

MVD surgery is the best course for Type 1 TN if you can do it.Have you had a MRI?Noone here likes the drugs.Sometimes it's the only thing we have.

I have had an MRI. But that was of my cervical spine for my ocsypital pain & neck pain. The entire right side of my head, face, and neck feel like a burning, stabbing pain most of the time. The major problem with meds, is that I have a 2 year old I’m caring for! I need to be alert to take care of him.

Get the book

Striking Back
By dr ken casey
Alternatives and homeopathic in it

Here is a list of our favorite meds ,
and topicals just in case


Some are not run of the mill pills, some are combos


The more you learn, the faster you can feel better

Find theeee best TN dr. …even if you have to drive further
Look at doctors tab here

There is no cure
It is progressive
It can go into remission

Read, ask, learn, repeat

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