I don't understand

Why is my pain so bad today? It hasn't been this unbearable since before I was on meds. The aching in my jaw is constant, like I need a root canal in every one of my top row of teeth on the left side. Heat helps a bit, but not enough. And then almost like clockwork, I get a hot, stabbing pain right above my left eyebrow nearly every 20 minutes. It's excruciating. I'm having issues coping, so is my cat, she's terrified by the moans and yes sometimes even screams. If this doesn't resolve some by the time my husband get's home I guess it means another trip to the ER. :( Maybe they can atleast knock me out with something until this goes away. What do you guys do to cope when it's at it's worse?

I FEEL your pain! Well almost :wink:
I am struggling right now too, my pain is left side constant lower teeth, and my ear…ugh
I would not be here today if it were not for my heating pad, it’s a “magic sac” I re heat it every 30 mins. The other night the pain in my teeth was so overwhelming I caught myself shoving the heating bag in my mouth directly on teeth…!
You yourself know your pain threshold, If everything your trying is not working, and your exhausted from dealing with the pain, call your doc, revisit your meds(doses) or go to ER.
Only you can decide sweetie, I hope you start to feel better soon!!!
Know you are definately NOT alone with this!
((((( hugs ))))) Mimi

Ps. I forgot to mention, when my pain is relentless and at its worse…I pass out from the pain and exhaustion. No magic answer…wish there was…

I sent you several message. Hope you can get into a doctor soon.

i had this happen 3 months ago and then again this past monday. both time my husband has had to call an ambulance. i can not phsyically move other then to rock my body or wave one hand around trying to distract myself while 1 hand is on my face where the pain is. i litterally go out of my body. they have given me all kinds of pain meds at emerge but a morphine drip seems to be the only thing to work. the ambulance guys were really sympathetic and kind even though they didnt have a clue what TN is. my husband has to explain everything. i can barely talk as im out of my head with pain. funny about the cat. my 2 cats would not get off of me which was not helping the pain. one kept licking the tears off my face. they where really upset my husband said and every time he pushed them off of me they forced their way back as if fighting over a peice of meat. i guess they love me and sense somethings wrong. i got some dilaudin from the doc to take home, so now i have several narcotics as a back up. i hate going to the emerge,but when its that bad what else can we do? i tried heat, cold, imagery, distraction, you name it.you gotta do what you gotta do i guess. take care, jacqueline

I am pretty new to this condition May of this year. I don't see how you all can stand the pain....I am already scheduled to have the MVD surgery.....I am wondering if the pain is so severe, have any of you had this surgery ?....I am praying not, because if you have had it and are still suffering like you are, I am really scared. Praying for all of you....

I'm trying to work with my regular doctor as a stop gap for new prescriptions as needed for pain when I can't see the neurologist. We'll see how well that goes when I actually need him. I hope you went to the ER and got some relief. I once had an ER doctor tell me that I didn't really need to come in since my condition wasn't life threatening. In addition to my pain I was angry and insulted, but most doctors acknowledge nothing is more painful than TN. He had to eat crow when another doctor decided to give me morphine. If you haven't already been, go to the ER so you can get the medicine you need to feel better.

Thanks for all your replies. I ended up taking an Imitrex which always tends to knock me out and also some Xanax. I sat sideways in my new rocking chair with the heat pack laying on the back so I could rest my cheek on it and just rocked til I passed out. The next day I slept til 3 in the afternoon and when I woke up I felt like I had been ran over by a semi. Sore and exhausted from dealing with the pain. It's been pretty normal sense then thank god!

I am praying you can get into see that doctor . Let me know if I can help.....I can't imagine how you feel....Praying for you....

On one of my trips to the ER, I knew something was very wrong with the shot of morphine did nothing for my pain. It wasn't until the 2nd trip that I was diagnosed.