I can relate to you

Hello my new friend....I so can relate to every single issue you posted...My Neurotin was raised to 1800 mg and Keppra three times a day . All this from appt last monday...I thought on tuesday I finally found the drug key as an answer...and then Bammmmmm Wed mid day and it continues into today....I finally called the doctor with message update...I am certain we will make changes or do something tomorrow....How I so can relate with you....Its absolutely debilitating. I am already finding staying home is much easier...and sleeping up sometimes helps...Honestly today however I melted with no tears as I have Sjogrens and do not make tears or saliva....but my melt down consisted of me saying over and over..I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired....And yes depression does hit and it sure nailed me today....I am thankful to have this support group unlike others I have joined it just helps to write to someone...someone that can understand and let me know I am not loosing my mind and I am not alone....what a day it has been...Thanks for writing in...stay strong and keep looking up....If we can keep one more person from hurting as we hurt that then is our purpose...right?

I am near Glacier National Park in Montana state...and so safe with all the worldly events happening...The east coast is gettting hammered...Husband works in Alaska and the waves were 17 feet high where his ferry usually parks..so he was able to get off the island today and should fly into Seattle okay tomorrow...He did not even have a clue of the quake nor Sandy storm. But he was sure something was going on....Stay strong and write anytime...sorry for the book report tonight...jj...jabber jaws...a new handle...? Grandma Honey aka Laura

I’m with you on everything. Just tonight, I told my family that I’m just done dealing with all of this! I feel like I have disappointed everyone in my life even on a daily basis. It really sucks!! They tell me that I’m not disappointing them but how can I not be. I always try to remember that tomorrow is a new day & hopefully a better one!

Interesting How Melissa and I can relate too. I just dont fee fun anymore...I hurt and dont feel good and even today I shift from the tn pain to the RA. urgh...Sleep did not come last night so....even now I just need to go lay down and breathe it out...Good days and not so good days and today is one of the down days....I cant even laugh it off...
Stay stong guys....My prayers are with those of you in the storm..both tn and east coast.

Melissa, your message is exactly how I am feeling today. I saw my surgeon today and I have had 2 MVD and in December I am going to have my second Cyber knife treatment. I am starting to feel that I am going to have to live with this for the rest of my life and I am a burden on everyone around me. They all have to be so sick of this and I feel I should live on my own until I get through this so I don’t burden them and then I think… I WILL BEAT THIS. That’s what we have to tell ourselves. Remember that. It is going to get better!!! I hope you have had a better day today!