How wide spread is your pain?

Does anyone have pain travel as far from your ear to your jaw to your chin then down your throat to your chest ? I am thinking that there is really no normal in many ways with this but I decided to ask anyway. One night my right arm felt like it was being crushed . I was having one of those I

think I'm dieing attacks laying in the bathroom floor.??????Curious

Hi Kim,
My pain has been changing on me the last few months, I’m bilateral. My left side was only TN2, so constant burning pain, ice pick in my ear, stabbing, it travels from my ear, through my lower teeth, alongside my jaw. It now also involves the left side of my tongue.
I am experiencing more and more TN1 electric zapping shocks, they travel along my jaw AND into my throat from my ear.
My throat is as far as it has gone.

I have read of others that have shoulders, neck and arm involvement.

((Hugs)) Mimi

Hi Kim! Although I am a bit new to this I have been experiencing the pain for some time now. My pain is only on my left side and will go as far down as my left arm. Although my least favorite type of pain is when it's in my neck and throat. I don't like the feeling of having difficulty speaking or not being able to eat food properly. Also my nostril will sometimes completely constrict, this is equally frustrating. For a year I thought I had allergies on one half of my body :P

have you tried any topical creams like lidocaine..... I really have not heard of chest involved pain here in 2 years....please get that checked out separate

Thankfully my pain is centered on a very small area of my face/jaw. It's primarily along the lower part of my right jaw/face and my worst trigger points are inside my mouth on that side. However, on occassion, i get a line of pain from my ear across my face to my nose. I also get weird tingly feelings by my ear sometimes.

On one occassion of intense 10/10 pain, i had pain on my scalp area behind my right ear down to my neckline. (so bad that i had to have my husband cut my hair off..) That has only happened once.

The pain you are describing sounds horrid, and i hope you find relief.

I do agree with Kc though, get that chest pain checked out please...please?

Wishing you peace


Does anyone have just tingling and numbness in their elbow area?? That's what I have,, although this just developed recently within the last couple of months. Don't know if it's drug related or TN related. Harumph!!!

I had similar pain that took my breath away and almost paralyzed me. It felt like a heart attack, but I had recently had heart tests due to my asthma and they were negative. I never thought about the chest pain radiating as a result of TN. You should go have some tests done to rule out heart disease.